Why get involved in research?

Comments from two participants (using pseudonyms)

Jane- when I read the email (calling for participants) about the project I was just genuinely interested. Social work gets a bad press a lot of the time and  I don’t see this project as aimed at bashing social workers but as  understanding, informing and hopefully moving things forward and I was interested in being a  part of that. [Extract from interview]

Cathy- I think it’s good if we can get our voice heard- we are confined by all the paperwork we have to do- if we can get some help or support, if people understand these are the pressures we are under—you might want to visit a family, you might want to visit a family everyday, but you can’t do that because you have a lot of families and you have also got to write about that visit—so if there is anything that comes out of it (the project) that can feed back to the powers-that-be that would help to change the balance, that would be good. [Extract from interview]

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